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Different methods of ordering stock.

Note: A purchase order can be created from a quote, sales order, or job card. If any of these forms have items listed on them that have various suppliers, the system will create a purchase order for each supplier.


Method 1.

Go to Stock Items >Suppliers With Stock To Order

A list of all suppliers with stock items below the reorder level will be displayed. Double-click on the supplier from whom you want to place an order.


Method 2.

1.0 To add a new order go to Stock > New PO.

This method works in the same way as method 1. You can select the supplier and then click "Add Suggested" in the menu bar to automatically add the items to be ordered.


Method 3.

The Purchase Planning form is very similar to the purchase order form. The only difference is that on the order form you can only work with one supplier at a time. The planning form shows all the suppliers and give you more information to work with as well as graphs to help in the decision making process.


Purchase Order Form (Method 1 & 2)

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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How to order:

Step 1

Select the supplier.

Step 2

Click on the Add Suggested [F8] button on the Menu Bar.

All items that are below the reorder level will be transferred. The recommended quantities will show in the SQty.NoR (See below for an explanation). These figures come from the Stock Master and depends on the values you have specified for the Reorder Level and Manual Reorder Quantity. See the chapter under Stock > Add or Edit Stock Items.

Step 3

If you are happy with the recommended quantities, you can click on the Transfer to Order Qty. button and choose between Transfer SQty.R (Recommended quantity using linear regression) or SQty.NoR (using only values as supplied by you) to the Qty.Sell column.

You can still edit the quantities you want to order in the Qty. Sell column. (See below for an explanation of the different columns)

Step 4

Fill in the Estimated Arrival Date.  This date will display in the Stock Purchase Lookup under the ETA column as well as in the Item Lookup form.

Step 5

Either Save or Order it.

Save - Nothing will be ordered and the order will appear in the Lookup under graphic

Order - Stock will be ordered and the Stock Master will be updated .The order will now appear in the Lookup under graphic Your Stock Lookup will also show that the items are ordered.


RFQ tick - request a quote from you supplier. The heading of the report will be changed to "Request for Quote" and the prices will be hidden.


See also Stock Quantity Calculations

See also Item Lookup for a list of items with 'On Order' quantities


Back Orders.

Si+ Back Ordering system will track, what is yet to be delivered by your suppliers.

Back orders will be handled differently, according to if the supplier is marked as a supplier who keeps back orders. To mark a supplier as one who keeps back orders, go to the Supplier Form, click on the Financial Info Tab and Select the Back Order Checkbox.


If back orders must be kept, and only part of the order arrives then

the order will be marked as partially received . (Click on the Show Arrived Button to see completed and partially arrived orders)

You can GRN the order over and over until all the stock has arrived.

If you do not want to process the rest of the order you can select the Cancel button on the Purchase Order. The order will then be marked as cancelled and the on order quantities will be adjusted.


If the supplier does not keep back orders, then if you process the GRN, the on order quantities will immediately be adjusted and the order will be marked as completed. You won't be able to use this order again.




Cancel button

Click the button to cancel the order.

Cancelled orders can be found by clicking the "Cancelled" button on the Purchase Order Lookup form.

A cancelled order can be undone by opening it and then clicking the "Uncancel" button in the menu bar.

Order cancellation and uncancellation can be disabled using the security settings.


To design your own purchase order go to Stock > Stock Options >Purchase Order.


See also Security Settings Available.


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