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Displays a list of all invoices. You can use this form to bulk print invoices as well as bulk emails.

Pivot grid, summary's and graphs can be utilized from the Analysis Tab.

Note: Only 1000 previous invoices are displayed. This can be increased by setting the records per page at the bottom of the form.

Please note that we are only discussing features particular to the Invoice Lookup form. Please go to Application > Lookup for a general discussion on how lookups work and the options available.


Go to Invoice > Invoice Lookup

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Invoice OptionsDelivery AddressTill No.Coloured ColumnsPaid ByWarehouseEdit DateTermsEmailableTotal DueTurnoverCustomer RepInvoice Lookup SecuritySummary BarJob Quote NoInvoice LabelOpen FormReceive Customer PaymentNew Invoice BasedExportAnalysisCredit NoteCorrect ChangeInvoice NoFiltersDiscount %Discount AmountBatch PrintCheckboxRepOrder NoBranchClearDate Range QuickDate RangeRow SelectorDue DateRecordsEdit FilterGrid ReportSelect All VisibleSelect All VisibleCheckboxSearch BarExportPrintClear FilterRefreshInvoice_Lookup

As most of the columns are self-explanatory, only some of the columns will be discussed here. Also remember that you can hover your mouse in the program over the fields to get additional information.



With selected: Cash (slip layout), on-account (print layout), and email invoice reports can each have a different layout. Set it in the Invoice Options>Printing form.


Explanation of some columns:

Recurring Invoice: If the invoice originated from a recurring invoice the recurring invoice number will be displayed.

Emailable:    Will show a check mark if the Invoice checkbox is selected on the customer form under the Contacts & Address Tab.

Job card No.: Job card No. will display if the invoice originated from a Job Card.

Quote No.:     Quote No. will display if the invoice originated from a Quote.

Disc(ount) Amt and %: Displays the discount amount if any discount was given.

Edit Date: Displays the system date and time when the invoice was created.

Payments Due: All invoices that are now due are displayed in red. The payment due date can be set on the invoice form under the payment tab.


Invoice Corrections

Right-click on the invoice you want to correct and select Change/Correct invoice.

Some of the reports you can get from the Invoice Lookup Form by filtering or clicking on the Summary of data tab:


Reports available on the Summary of Data Tab.

1.0        Compare Cash Sales against On Account sales

2.0        Compare Sales per Salesperson                                                                  

3.0        Discount per salesperson (Usage - See which salesperson is giving the most discount - is his sales higher than the other salespersons that gives less discount?)

4.0        Sales per customer per date

5.0        Affect of Discount on Sales


Reports available from the Invoice Lookup Tab.

1.0         All invoices below a certain amount. (filter it per date range and Rep.)

           Usage - To set a target that a salesperson must not have more than 10 invoices below $20 per month.

2.0        All Invoices where the discount % is higher than for e.g.10%

3.0        Sum of today's invoices.

4.0        Today's invoices.

5.0        This weeks invoices.

6.0        Show only credit notes.

7.0        All invoices with job cards.

8.0        All unpaid invoices.

9.0         Invoices not mailed this month.

10.0         Invoices that can't be mailed.

11.0        Show credit notes grouped by salesperson.

12.0        Total Spend.

Go to Invoice Lookup  -- Right-click on the Customer Code Column and select Group by this Column  or click on the analysis tab (Next to invoice Lookup) and select Sales per Customer or Sales Per Customer per Date.

You can also get the total spend on the Stock Turnover Form

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