Supplier Journal

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All accounting transactions are recorded through journal entries that show account names, amounts, and whether those accounts are recorded in the debit or credit side of accounts.

Bills you have received usually enters the system via the Purchase Order and GRN modules

Go to Supplier > Supplier Journals



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New Journal or New Payment

Use New Payment for payment to a supplier and New Journal Batch for e.g. corrections between suppliers etc. Please note that there is various options to do the payments automatically. For instance Reconciliation per Invoice or Completed Reconciliations.


To reverse a journal entry choose completed and double click on the journal no. to retrieve the journal, then select Reverse

Please note that if you reverse a journal where the bank reconciliation was already done, your bank reconciliation will now be out with this amount. Please redo your bank reconciliation.


VAT TypeDebit - CreditReferencePrintSaveProcessBatch DescriptionProjectBranchAdjustment Supplier Journal


If you pay the Supplier out of the till you can choose your Cash Control account. Your till will be decreased with this amount.