- . -

.Net Framework

- 3 -

3rd Party Finance Providers

- A -




Access Levels

Account Defaults

Account Options

Account Setup

Account Types

Accounts Receivable

Add a new company

Add New General Ledger Account

Add Signature

Adding a Company

Additional code

Additional Groups/Categories

IconBulk Change Selected 2

Additional Order Quantity

Additional Stock Groups For Web Shop

Address Lookup

Adjust Selling Prices - Extended Item Lookup

Adjust the Cost Price

Adjustment Journal

Age Analysis

IconAge Analysis
IconGeneral Options




IconSales Order Options
IconPurchase Order Options

Alert - Followup

Allocations - Customer

Allocations & Statements - Customers

Allow Change Cost Price

Allow Combined Till Cashup

Allow Negative Stock

Allow Order Discontinued Items

Allow Select Serial Number

Allow Sell Item Below Cost

Always use inclusive prices

AmeSys Pumps



IconCustom Tab

Appointment - from Conversations


Archive Data

Arrival Date - GRN

Assign Till Numbers

Attach Document Images

Attach Document to Quote

Attach Scanned Images to Email

Attribute Table


Auto Discount - Supplier

Auto Fill

IconBank Manager
IconAccount Options

Auto Log Out

Auto Logout

Auto Reconcile

Automated Receipts

Automatic Timer

Automatically Email Invoices/Credit Note

Automatically Email Receipt

Available Quantities

Average Cost Adjustment

Average Cost to Supplier List

Average Purchases

Average Sales

Average Sales Per Month

Average Sales Quantity

- B -

Back Order


Backend Options

Back-order Supplier

Backup Path - Additional Copies

Backup your data

Bad Debt - Write Off Amount

Balance Brought Forward

Balance Sheet

Bank Balances Bank Manager

Bank Deposits

Bank Manager

Bank Manager Rules

Bank Manager Settings

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Register

Bar Code Labels for Serial Numbers

Bar Code Labels fot Customers.

Bar Codes for Serial Numbers

Bar Codes for Stock Items

Barcode for scales

Barcode Scanner Type

Barcodes for Customers

Batch Email - Invoice Lookup

Batch Print - Invoice Lookup

Batch Printing


Bill of Components

Bill of Material Options

Bill of Material: Production Run

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Billing Time

Bin Location

Bin Location Required


Birthday Wishes

Blocking Date Ranges

Blue Label Telecom

Blue Label Telecom - Airtime & Electricity

Blue Label Telecoms

BOM Item

BOM Shrinkage

BOM: Production Run Lookup

Booking - from Conversations



Branch Default

IconAdd or Edit Branches
IconAdd Employees
IconAccount Options


Brand Name Required


Bulk Account Print

Bulk Change - Stock Groups

Bulk Change Selected



Payment Terms

Bulk Change Selected 2

Bulk Change Stock Groups

Bulk Change Supplier Data

Bulk Changes - Ext. Lookup

Bulk Communications

IconContacts & Bulk Email / SMS
IconAge Analysis

Bulk Email

Bulk Inventory changes

Bulk Price Changes

Bulk Price Edit

Bulk Security Setup

Bulk SMS


Buy Out

Buying Unit

- C -

Calculation of MU% & GP%


Can only view own (Security. setup)

Cancel / Uncancel Purchae Order

Cancel Job Cards

Cancel Purchase Orders in Bulk

Can't Connect to Server

Cash Drawer Type

Cash Drop

Cash Flow

IconCash Flow
IconCash Movement

Cash Flow Statements

Cash Journal

Cash Journal Approval

IconCash Journal
IconAccount Options

Cash Journal Correction

Cash Movement

Cash Position

Cash Up

Cash Up Breakdown

Cash Up Report

Cash Up Transaction Detail

Cash Up: Process Daily Close

Cash vs Account

CashUp - Alternative

Change Company Name

Change Customer Description Field

Change Order No - Invoice Lookup

Change Server

Change User

Changed Ordered Quantity

Chart of Accounts


Check Customer Credit Limit

Clearing Transactions

IconBackend Main Form
IconDelete Form


Client ID

Clock In / Out

Close All Window Tabs

Cloud Backup

Collection Options

Collection Receipts

Colour Codes

IconAdd / Edit a Quote
IconItem Lookup

Colour Scheme

Column Copy

COM Port

Combination Item


IconAdd / Edit New Job Card
IconLabour Lookup

Commision Item

Company Address

Company Header

Company Header / Footer

Company Image


Computer Generated Original / Copy

Condition of Equipment

confirmed Demand


Consignment Stock

Contacting Us


IconContacts & Addresses
IconContacts & Bulk Email / SMS


Conversation Lookup

Convert a Quote to an Invoice

Convert Stock to Not VAT Rregistered

Copy Count

Copy to Clipboard

Correct Credit Note Note


IconCustomer Enquiries - Amount Type
IconCustomer Detail
IconLedger Detail
IconInvoice Lookup
IconInvoice Corrections
IconStock Detail
IconSupplier Detail

Credit Notes



General Ledger

GL Account Transfer




Corrections - Customer Reference and Description

Corrections - Supplier Document Number

Corrections Invoice

Cost Adjustment

Cost and Selling Prices

Cost Method

Cost Price Change above X%

Country spesific VAT / TAX

Coversation About

Credit Card Detail

Credit Control

Credit Limit Bypass

Credit Limit Override - Purchase Order

Credit Limit Require Address

Credit Note

IconInvoice Lookup
IconCredit Note 

Below Cost Override

Block Credit Note Without Invoice

Change Price

Change Till

Ovveride Invoice Age Limit

Credit Note Options

Disallow Credit Note If Invoice Older Than X Days

Fixed Line Count

Show Markup/Profit

Critical Stock Levels


CRM Lookup

CSV File

Currency Sales Order

Custom Fields

IconCustom Tab
IconAdditional Info
IconMore Tab

Custom Fields - Stock

Custom Lookup

Custom Messages

Custom reports

Custom Yes/No 3

Customer Add or Edit

Customer Allocations

Customer Allocations - Linked Type

Customer Balance Detail

Customer Bank Details

Customer Classification

Customer Conversations

Customer Credit Control

Customer CSV Import

Customer Defaults

Customer Deposit

Customer Detail

Customer Employers

Customer Enquiries - Amount Type

Customer Equipment

Customer Equipment Lookup

Customer Extended Lookup

Customer Global Changes

Customer History

Customer Journals

Customer Labels

Customer Lookup

Customer Notes

Customer Options

Customer Payment

Customer Payments

Customer Receipt

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Reports

Customer Returns

Customer Service Item Report


Customers To Allocate

Customizable documents

Customs Duty

Customs VAT

IconVAT (Tax) Setup
IconShipping Costs

- D -

Daily Cash Up

Daily Close (Cash Up)


Data Health

Database Cleaning

Database Registration

Database Version

Date corrections

Day End - Cash-Up

Day of month to pay the supplier

Day Pass

Days of Stock

Days Since First Purchase

Days Since Last Purchase

IconExtended Lookup
IconWarehouse Stock Levels


Debit Note

Debit Order Collections

Debit Order Lookup

IconBank & Card Details
IconDebit Order Lookup

Debtor Payments

Deductions & Earnings

Default Branch - Employee

Default email address

Default Email Address for Statements

Default End of Month

Default GL Accounts - Inventory Groups

Default Invoice Discount

Default VAT Type

Default Warehouse

Deferred VAT Transactions

Delay Between Emails

Delete a Linked Item

Delete a Quote

Delete Audit Trial

Delete Checkbox

Delete Form

Delete Images

Delete Inventory Items

Delete Ordered Items

Delete Selected Stock

Delete Selrcted Emails

Delete Stock

Delivery Address - Customer

Delivery Address - Invoice

Delivery Address - Options

Delivery Address - Sales Order

Delivery Note

Delivery Note - Invoice Lookup

Delivery Note Report - Design

Deposit Amount

Deposit Amount - Sales Order

Deposit on a Lay-By

Deposit Paid - Sales Order

Deposit Paid - Sales Order Lookup

Design a Custom Credit Note

Design a label

Design a report

Can Grow

Design Custom Quote Report

Design Custom Report

IconPrint Options
IconCredit Note


Difference inventory and balance sheet


Discontinued Items - Allow


Discount - Invoice Lookup

Discount - Invoice Options

Discount Item - See - Is Discount

Discount on List Price

Discount per Customer per Stock Group

Discount per Inventory Group

Discount Rate

Discount Rules

DLB: Days Last Bought

DLS: Days Last Sold

Document Count

Document Image Lookup

Document Images

IconDocument Imaging
IconLedger Detail
IconGoods Receiving
IconAdd / Edit a Quote
IconSales Order - Add
IconAdd / Edit New Job Card

Document Numbers

Document View Password - POPI


Download Update

Drag File Here

Due Date

IconCustomer/More Screen
IconInvoice Lookup

Dunlop Zone

- E -


Easy Allocation


Edit  (Security Setup)

Edit Restricted (Security Setup)

EFT - Direct Bank

EFT Export

EHLO error


Electronic Content

Electronic Signature


IconSI Emails
IconAdd / Edit a Quote
IconSales Order Email

Email - Workshop

Email CC Address - Statements

Email Invoice Automatically

Email Options - Invoice / Credit Note

Email Password - Popi Act

Email Pro Forma

Email Quotes

Emailable - Invoice Lookup

Employee Default Branch

Employee Email Address

Employee Lookup

Employee Options

Employees Add / Edit

Employees Change Password

Encrypt PDF


IconEquipment Stock

Equipment Properties

IconCustomer Equipment
IconEquipment Properties

Equipment to be serviced

Estimate - Quote

Estimated Time of Arrival

IconPurchase Order (PO)
IconSales Order Delivery Tab


Exceed Payment Terms

Excel Order Form

Exchange Rate

IconCustomer/More Screen
IconCurrency Stock Revaluation

Exchange Rate - Application Options

Exchange Rate - Stock Main

Exclude From Shipping Cost Allocation


Export / Import a Goods Received Note

Export An Invoice

Export General Ledger

Export General Ledger Transactions

Export Invoice To Electronic Format

Export Stock - Franchisor

Export Stock Data

Export Stock Images

Export Supplier Data

Export Time Clock Data

Export to Excel Order Form

Export to Webshop

Extended Item Lookup

- F -

Feature Table


File Menu

Filter Editor

Finance Charges

Financial Info

IconFinancial Info

Financial Statements

Financial Year Start

Fingerprint Drivers

Fingerprint Registration

IconAdd Employees
IconFingerprint Registration


First Invoice Amount

First Invoice Date

Fix Zero Cost

Fixed Line Count


IconCashup Breakdown
IconAssign till numbers

Followup Popup



Force Scanning of Customer

Forms that can open automatically at start-up



IconInvoice Corrections

Freehand Description

Freehand Job Card

Freight Charges


Friendly URL

Frontend Upgrade Needed


Full Access

- G -

Garage Software

General Ledger (GL)

General Ledger Account Enquiry

General Ledger Account Setup

General Ledger Accounts - Bulk Print

General Ledger Defaults

General Leger Detail

Getting Started

Gift Card Lookup

Gift Card Setup

Gift Voucher

Global Inventory Changes

Global unique serial numbers

Goods Received Options

Goods Receiving


Goods Receiving Label Quantity

Goods Receiving Lookup

Grid Reports

IconGrid Reports


GRN Export

Gross Profit

IconAdd / Edit New Job Card
IconJob Card Detail

Group By Inventory Group

Group Minimum

Group Pricing

Group Pricing per Inventory Group

Gun Shop

- H -

Hardware Options

Header / Footer


IconQuick start 
IconContacting Us

Hide Si Branding

History per item

IconPurchase Planning
IconStock Turnover

History Sales & Purchases

How to Add an Image

HTML Colour

- I -

Image Checkbox (Stock)

Image Checkbox Reset

Image Lookup Stock

Image Size


Images Export/Import Stock


IconExport / Import An Invoice

Import / Export a Custom Report

Import a Customer Journal

Import a Quote

Import a Supplier Journal

Import Customer Contacts

Import Customers

IconImport Customers
IconImport Customers - CSV Format

Import from previous version

Import General Ledger Accounts

Import General Ledger Transactions

Import GRV as an Invoice

Import Job Card Detail

Import Stock Images

Import Supplier Data

Import Supplier Invoice into GRN

Important Documents

In Transit

Income Charts

Income Statement


Integrated Payment at POS



Internal Job Card

IconCustomer Equipment
IconInternal Job Card

Internal Job Increases Stock Value

Internal Note - Structured

Internal Use

Inventory Groups

Inventory Opening Quantities - Stock Take

Inventory Receipt

Inventory Statistics

Inventory Value


Invoice - Copies to  Print

Invoice Corrections

IconInvoice Lookup
IconInvoice Corrections

Invoice Label Report

Invoice Lookup

Invoice Message

Invoice Note & Memo

Invoice Options

Invoice Print Options

Invoice Rules

Invoice Security Settings

Invoice Send

Invoice Stock Collection

IconStock Collection

Invoice Stock Collection Lookup

Invoice to Sales Order

Invoicing more than 1 job card

Is Discount

Item Graphs

Item History

Item Lookup

- J -

Job Card Add

Job Card Deposit

Job Card Detail

Job Card Labels

Job Card Lookup

Job Card No. - Invoice Lookup

Job Card Reverse (Menu Bar Extra)

Job cards

Job Description

Job Function

Job Status

Job Task Types

Job To Use As Template

Job Types

- K -

Key Performane Index (KPI)

Kitchen & Bar Printers

- L -


IconAdd / Edit a Quote
IconQuote Options Printing

Labels for Customers

Labels for Serial Numbers

Labels for Stock Items

Labels Shipping - Invoice Options

Labour Breakdown

Labour is Time

Landed Cost

IconGoods Receiving
IconShipping Costs


IconSettings: Language & Colour
IconFinancial Info

Language per Customer

Last Purchase

IconCustomer Add or Edit
IconContacts & Addresses
IconExtended Lookup

Last Stock Take

Late Payments


Lay-By Cancellation Report

Lead Source

Lead Time




License Renewal


Limit Maximum Change On Invoice

Limit Non-Cash Payments to Due

Limited View &  Edit

Line Discount %

Link Existing Items

Link prices for items that are the same

Link Same Items from different Suppliers

Linking Branches


Lock Periods




Lookup - Refresh

Lot Ref

Lot Reference

Lot Tracking

IconAdditional Info
IconLot Numbers

Low Stock Level For Pricing

Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card Detail

Loyalty Card Types

Loyalty Customers

Loyalty Points

IconLoyalty Cards
IconExtended Lookup

- M -

Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels - Design

Main Unit Only

Main Unit, Buy Unit, All

Make Settlement Discount Entry

Management Report

Manufacturer's Part Number



IconStock Turnover

Markup - Inventory Groups

Mass Info


Master Items

Maximum Change Allowed

Maximum Invoice Discount

Maximum Line Discount


Merge Towns

Merge Two or More Items

Merging Accounts

Merging Customers

Merging Stock

Message on Customer Statement

Message on Invoice


Meta Data

Meta Information

Minimum / Maximum Levels - Suggestegd & Manual

Minimum / Maximum Levels Bulk Change

Minimum / Maximum Stock Levels

Minimum Order Quantity

Minutes Booked

Minutes Worked

Module Abbreviations

Money In and Out

Months of Stock

Move a Company

Move All Windows To Primary Screen

Movement Asset/Liability

MPLU Lookup

Multi Select Column Filter

Multiple Currencies

Multiple Instances

Multiple Suplliers - Add

Multiple Suppliers - Purchase Planning

Multiple Units of Measure


- N -

Negative Stock - Allow


Network Installation

Network Requirements

New Company

New customers

New General Ledger Account

New Item

New Item Defaults

New Production Run


Night Hours Start

No Access

Non Stock Item

Non Stock Item (NSI)

Non Stock Item: default cost to zero on invoice.

Non Stock Item: require cost price

Not allowed to post after this date

Not allowed to post before this date

Not Approved

Not VAT Registered

Note  Required - Purchae Order

Notice On Add Item

NSI - Non Stock Item

- O -

OFX file

Open Item

Opening Balances

Opening Quantities

Operation has timed out.

Optimize Images

Order Form for Customers

Order No

Order Number

IconCustomer Add or Edit

Order Number Required

Order Payment

Other Suppliers

IconAdd or Edit Stock Items 
IconOther Suppliers
IconBulk Change Supplier Data

Out of Stock Orders

Outlook Task / Appointment

Outside Date Range - Bankmanager

Over Credit Limit

Overdue - Invoice Lookup


Overtime Lookup

- P -

Pack Sales Order

Packing Options

Packing Warehouse

Paid By

IconFinancial Info
IconCustomer/More Screen
IconInvoice Lookup

Paid in Full

Partial Ordering


IconAdd Employees
IconChange Password

Password Reset



Pay Amount

Pay Out

IconInvoice Extra Button
IconTouch Invoice Extra

Pay Out - Invoice Options

Pay Supplier Invoices

Paying Interest


Payment Breakdown

IconCustomer Receipt Lookup
IconSales Overview

Payment Due Date

Payment Lookup

Payment Provider

Payment Run

Payment Solutions

Payment Terms

IconFinancial Info
IconNew Defaults / Required

Payment Toward a Lay-By

Payment Types

Payments Due - Invoice Lookup

Payslip Summary

Pending RTS

Pending Warehouse

IconReturn to Supplier
IconReturn to Supplier Options


Petrol Pumps

Picking List

IconAdd / Edit a Quote
IconQuote Options Printing

Picking Slip

Pinnacle import

Pipeline Position

Pivot Grids


Points Value

Pole Display



IconGeneral Options
IconPurchase Order Options




Preferred Supplier

IconOther Suppliers
IconGoods Received Options

Prep Ticket

Preset Grid Reports


Prestashop Additional Categories

PrestaShop Meta Descriptions

Prestashop Tracking No.

PrestaShop Web Group

Prevent Invoice When Exceed Terms

Price Chane - Security Quote

Price Contracts

Price Levels

IconFinancial Info
IconCost and Selling Prices

Price Llist / Order Form

Price Llist with Images

Price rounding

Pricing Options

Pricing Type

Print General Ledger Accounts

Print Invoice Automatically

Print Labels

Print Options

IconPrint Options
IconWorkshop Printing

Print Preview

Pro Forma - Quote

Pro Forma Invoice - Jobcard

Process - Purchase Order

Product History

Production Run - SO detail

Production Run Lookup

Profit & Loss

Profitability Ratios

Program Update


Promotional Voucher

IconContacts & Bulk Email / SMS
IconGift Cards & Vouchers

Purchase Order

Purchase Order - SO Lookup

Purchase Order Approval

Purchase Order Authorization

Purchase Order Detail

Purchase Order from a Sales Order

Purchase Order Lookup

Purchase Order Options

Purchase Order Quotation

Purchase Planning

Purchase Planning Graph

Purchase Planning History

Purchase Tax Override

Purchases per Supplier

Purchasing Unit

- Q -

Qoute No. - Invoice Lookup

Quantity Adjustments

Quantity Arrived

Quantity Cancelled

Quantity Changes

Quantity Outstanding

Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Add Conversation

Quick Add Item

Quick Cash Up

Quick Cashup

Quick Sell

IconQuick Sell

Quick Start

Quick User Change

Quotation from yor supplier

Quotation Software


Quote Analysis

Quote Analysis Tab

Quote Detail

Quote Internal Note

Quote Labels

Quote Lookup

Export a Quote

Quote Based On This Quote

Quote Message

Quote Options

Alert - Older than X days

Quote Expires after X Days

Show SOH

Quote Options - Email

Quote Options Estimate

Quote Options Printing

Quote Reports

Quote Template

- R -


Rearrange accounts

Recalculate Item Prices

Recalculate Prices


Receipt Lookup

IconCustomer Receipts
IconCustomer Receipt Lookup

Receipt Print Automatically

Receipt Printer (A4 or Slip)

Receipt Printers

Receipt send

Receive Payment - Default Setting

Recipe Item

IconAdditional Info

Recommend Retail Price (RRP)

Recommended Qty.

Reconcile Transactions - Bank Manager

Record Email & SMS - Defautl Setting

Record Email In Customer Conversations

Recording your Time

Recurring Invoices

Recurring vs New

Refresh From Database On Save


IconCustomer Journals

Refund Customers

Registered for VAT

Registered Name

Registering Smart-It


Remittance Advice


Remote Support

Remove Additional Stock Groups

Remove Images

Remove Other Suppliers

Remove Selected From Master Items

Renew License

IconRegistering SI+
IconBackend Main Form

Rental Agency

Reorder Level

Rep 2

Report Options

IconPrint Options
IconSales Order Printing
IconWorkshop Printing


Reports (Design) - Inventory

Goods Received Notes

Price List

Serial Number Label

Stock Extended Report

Stock Take

Warehouse Transfer

Reports and Options

Representative Report

Reprint Credit Notes

Reprint Invoice

Reprint Receipt

Required Fields

Required Stock Options

Reserve Jobcard Stock

Reserved Items - Sales Order

Reset Copy Count

Reset Image Checkboxes

Reset Prices


IconTouch Invoice
IconTouch Invoice Options

Restore Backup

Restore Data

Restrict Cusomer List To Invoice Branch

Restrict Customer List To Invoice Branch.

Restrict General Ledger Accounts

Restricted Access

Retrieve Credit Note


Return Items to the Supplier

Return to Supplier

IconReturn to Supplier
IconRTS Lookup

Return to Supplier (Must not effect stock)

Return to Supplier Custom Report

Return to Supplier Options

Revaluation - Exchange Rate

Reverse a Cash Journal

Reverse a Completed Job Card

Reverse a Payment

RFQ - Request a Quote

RFQ - Security Setting

RFQ Report

RFQ: Request For Quote


IconPricing Options

RTS Expense Account

RTS Items

- S -

Safety %

IconStock Groups
IconNew Defaults / Required



Sales Chart

Sales Order

Sales Order - Add

Sales Order - Combine Invoices

Sales Order - Customer Signature

Sales Order Allocation Defaults

Sales Order Allocation Easy

Sales Order Allocations

Sales Order Balances

Sales Order Credit Limit Bypass

Sales Order Customer Order No. Required

Sales Order Defaults

IconSales Order Options
IconSales Order Default / Required

Sales Order Deposit Amount

Sales Order Deposit Refund

Sales Order Detail

Sales Order Email

Sales Order ETA Required

Sales Order Internal Note

Sales Order Lookup

Sales Order Note

Sales Order Overrides

Allow Above Maximum Depost

Allow Below Cost Price

Allow Below Maximum Markup

Allow Negative Stock

Sales Order Picking List

Sales Order Picking Slip

Sales Order Prevent Save

Sales Order Print Options

Sales Order Required Fields

Sales Order Warehouse

Sales Overview

Sales Pipeline

IconTable Maintenance
IconSales Pipeline Overview
IconGeneral Options

Sales Prediction

Sales Set Count

Same Prices

Save to SO (Sales Order)

Save Unknown Barcode

Saved Production Runs


Scale Barcodes

Scan Documents

Scan documents for admin purposes

Scanned Documents

Scanned Images

Second Rep

Security - Quick Add Customer

Security - SMS/Text Templates

Security All Warehouses

Security for Atributes

Security for Invoice Stock Lookup

Security for Quick Add Item

Security Groups

IconAdd Employees
IconSecurity Groups

Security Log

Security Setup

Security Setup - Quotes

Security Setup GRV

Security Touch Invoice

Security Warehouse

Sell Below Cost

Sell Below Cost - Quote

Sell Whole Quantity Only

Sell Whole Quantity Only - Default

Sell Whole Quantiy Only

Selling Below Cost - Specials

Selling Price Changes

Selling Prices - Item Lookup

Selling Unit

Send from Address

Sent Emails


Serial No. & Warehousing

Serial No. Tracking

Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers - GRN

Server Configuration

Service Contract

Service Contract - JJob Detail

Service Feedback

IconAdd / Edit New Job Card
IconService Feedback

Service feedback Summary

Service Item

Service item lookup

Service Schedule

Set Columns

Set prices for items that are the same

Set Sales Count

Set selected average cost to the suppliers list price.

Set Supplier List Price to Different Costs

Settlement Discount

Settlement Discount - Supplier


Shipping and Other Costs

Shipping Costs

IconShipping Costs
IconGoods Received Options

Shipping Label

Shipping Label - Automatically Print

Ship-to Address

Show Condition of Equipment

Show Markup/Profit

Show On Invoice

IconCost and Selling Prices
IconNew Defaults / Required

Show Stock On Hand

Show Stock On Hand - Invoice

Show Stock On Hand - Job Card


Sick Leave

Sign In


Signature - Collections

Signature Add

Signature Pad

Signature Required

IconSales Order Options


siLink API Key

siLink Stock Levels

Similar Items

Similar Items Bulk Change

Slow Movers

IconExtended Item Lookup

Small Business Server


IconContacts & Addresses
IconContacts & Bulk Email / SMS
IconAge Analysis
IconAdd / Edit New Job Card
IconService Item Lookup

SMS - List

SMS Providers

SMTP server

Special Active

Special Price as Line Discount %

Special Prices -  Bulk Change


Split Amount

Split Amounts - Bank Manager

Starting Document Numbers

Statement Email

Statement Summary In Grid

Statement Types

Statements - Customers

Status 2

Status 2 - Sales Order

Status Bar

Stock - Take-on opening balances

Stock Add New

Stock Adjustment

Stock Adjustment - Auto Print

Stock Collection

IconStock Collection

Stock Collection Lookup

Stock Detail

Stock Groups

Stock Image Lookup

Stock Item Default

Stock Level Alert

Stock No As Item Code

Stock Options

Stock Out Days

Stock Quantity Calculations

Stock Reconciliation

IconRegular Stock Take
IconStock Value Reconciliation
IconStock Value Reconciliation

Stock Reorder

Stock Re-order Alert

Stock Take

Stock Take - Last

Stock Take - Regular

CSV File

Import Counted


Stock Take & Adjustment

Stock Take Instantaneous

Stock Turnover

Stock Turnover - Analysis Tab

Stock Value - Extended Item Lookup

Stock Value At Date

Stock Value Per Group


Strict BOM (bill of material)

Strict Reconciliation Mode

Strict Serial No Tracking

Subject line

Supa Quick

Supplier- Add or Edit

Supplier Age Analysis

Supplier Back Orders

Supplier Balance

Supplier Bulk Changes

Supplier Completed Reconciliations

Supplier Corrections

Supplier Credit Note

Supplier Detail

Supplier Discounts

Supplier Financial Info

Supplier Has Stock

Supplier invoice

Supplier Invoice Not Received

Supplier Journal

Supplier List Price

Supplier List Price Changes

IconGoods Received Options

Supplier List Price Required

Supplier Lookup

Supplier Merge

Supplier Movements

Supplier Options

Supplier Payment

Supplier Payment Date

Supplier Reconciliation

Supplier Statement Differences

Supplier Stock On Hand

Supplier Stock Quantity (Other Suppliers)



Surplus (Cash Up)


IconCustomer Add or Edit
IconAge Analysis


System Requirements

- T -

Table Maintenance


Take on balances

Take on bank balances

Taking on customer balances

Taking on general ledger balances

Taking on inventory balances

Taking on supplier balances

Target Gross Profit Margin

Tax Estimate

Tax Invoice

Tax Report

Tax Setup

Tax System

Template - Job

Teraoka Scale

Ticket Printer

Till Cash Up

Till Cashup - All Combined

Till Numbers

Time Clock

Time Clock Lookup



Touch Invoice

Touch Invoice Extra

Touch Invoice Options

Touch Invoice Security

Touch Keyboard

Towns / City

Tracking Number

IconCustomer/More Screen
IconInvoice Lookup
IconSales Order Delivery Tab

Tracking Number - Sales Order Lookup

Tracking Number - SO Lookup

Trade In

Trade In on a Credit Note

Trade In on a GRN

Transaction Junction

IconTransaction Junction


IconAdd / Edit a Quote
IconWarehouse Transfer Order

Transfer Description to Long Desc.

Transfer Equipment Between Customers

Transfer Stock Group Data

Transit Warehouse

IconWarehouse Transfer Order
IconWarehouse Transfer

Trial Balance

Trial Balance Print Order


Turnover Per item

Turnover Ratio

- U -

Unassociated Documents


Unit Quanty

Units of Measure Conversion

Update Help

Update SI+

User Defined Fields - Customer

User Manual

- V -

Value Above Maximum Level

Variable Price

VAT - Is supplier registered

VAT (Not) Registered

VAT Change

VAT Conversion

IconData Health
IconNon-VAT to VAT registered
IconVAT Registerd to non-VAT

VAT Customs

VAT Detail Report

VAT Not Applicable Shortcut

VAT Not Applicable to VAT registered

VAT Number - Yours

VAT on Purchases

VAT on Sales

VAT Report

VAT Setup

VAT Summary


Verification Pin

View on Web

View Restricted subset (Security Setup)


Volume Discount (Buy X Get Y)

Volume Discount: Each Qty.

Volumetric Mass


Voucher Lookup

IconGift Cards & Vouchers
IconGift Cards & Vouchers

- W -



IconFinancial Info
IconCustomer/More Screen
IconPack Sales Order

Warehouse - Add

Warehouse - Goods Receiving

Warehouse - Job Card

Warehouse - Packing

Warehouse Correction

Warehouse Default

IconAdd or Edit Branches

Warehouse Employee

Warehouse External Transfer

Warehouse for Recipe Items

Warehouse Stock Levels

Warehouse Transfer

Warehouse Transfer Lookup

Warehouse Transfer Order


Warn If Sales Order IsOlder Than X Days


Web Items Not Ready - Filters

Web Master Item

Web Name

Web Services - Pinnacle

Web status

IconAdd or Edit Stock Items 
IconAdditional Info


IconPrestashop (Export to Webshop)
IconAdditional Info

Webshop - Additional Groups


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