Ledger Detail

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All general ledger movements are recorded here, such as Cash Journal Payments, Cash Journal Deposits, Adjustment Journals, Invoices, Interest, Electronic Fund Transfers, etc.

Go to Ledger > GL Details

Hover the mouse over the different menu options. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor), then click to go to the subject.

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ProjectSupplier - Cust No.VAT Recon No.Note GL DetailNoteCorrect this entryModuleEdit UserCheckboxVAT NumberAudit TrailOpen OriginalClear Audit No.Audit No SearchShow Last Audit No.Show DeletedServer Search ModeBranchReconciledImage ColumnDate Range QuickDate RangeBranchAccount TypeEdit DateRight Click HeaderHeadingColoured ColumnsReferenceDocument NumberRecords per PageEdit FilterGrid ReportSummary BarVAT NumberAudit NumberModuleImageSearch RowPrintRefreshClear Grid FilterGL_Detail

Corrections can be done by right clicking on the row selector of the row you want to change. For a list of corrections click here


To see all interest charged to the customers, type in Interest in the blue filter box just below Mod (Module) or any of the other abbreviations listed above.

In this instance you will get the total of the interest charged but not the detail of the specific customers that were charged. To get a list of the customers go to Customer > Customer Detaill. The same will apply for the Stock Detail and Supplier Detail.


To sort on more than one column at the same time press the Shift Key while clicking on the headers.

To get general help on how Lookups work go to Application > Lookup


Please note that only the last 5000 records are displayed (bottom of screen). If you want to display more you can change it by clicking on the drop down box.