Job Card Lookup

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Lookup will show you a list of already added job cards. See image below.

Double click or right click the Job No. to edit the job card.

Go to Workshop > Lookup


Clear FilterRefresh the dataCan view only ownJobcard_Lookup


Menu Item



Fetch the newest data. Example, after adding a new job card you will have to refresh the data to see the new job card in the lookup form.

New Job Card

To add a new job card.


All jobs that you are working on. On invoicing the job card will be marked as completed.

On Hold

Jobs where you are waiting for parts or confirmation to carry on.  To make a job card not active, deselect the Active box. This job is now not active and not completed. Usage, e.g. you are waiting for parts. Thus you can check every day all the jobs that you can't start because you are waiting for parts or to get an order from the customer etc.


All cancelled jobs. You can cancel a job but it won't be deleted. Thus you do have a record of all cancelled jobs.


Show all completed jobs

Ready for collection

Completed jobs that must be collected.

Show All

Show all the job cards.


Print the lookup form.


Invoicing more than one job card simultaneously

1) Select the job cards you want to invoice simultaneously. See image above.

2) Select the Invoice Button.

3) All the job cards data will now be transferred to the invoice.


Example of some of the reports you can get from the lookup form:

Jobs per date per employee

(e.g.: You can see no. of jobs the specific employee did as well as his income for the specific period.

Use the edit filter to get the data. (See example below)



Jobs per employee per job type.

E.g. You can see the number of comebacks, Inside repairs etc. per  employee per date range.




Summary of time worked per employee.

Summary per person and job type