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SI uses two methods of sending e-mails, namely:

Our own built in email client, used mainly to send out bulk emails.

Your own default mail client, for example Microsoft Outlook, to send single documents.


Before you can email or SMS your customers you must first setup your Email / SMTP server. Go to Company > Application Options

How to export or email data using the print button.

You can email/export any form that has a print button graphic . If you click on print the preview will open. Looking like this.

Print Preview Options


Remember you can select any format like PDF, Excel etc. to use by clicking on the dropdown arrow


Emails can be personalised for:

Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes, Job Cards, Sales Orders, Customer Statements


Batch emails are available in the following modules.

Invoice Lookup

Customer Contact & Bulk Email

Age Analysis

Statements & Allocations


You can email your invoices, quotes and statements to more than one person within the same Organisation/Customer. Follow the steps below to set this feature up.

Open the Customer Form and select the Contacts & Address tab

You should have the following detail on your screen.




The scenario above depicts the following:

“Monkey” will receive emails, calls, invoices and quotes. “Poppet” will receive emails, calls and invoices, but not quotes. Thus you can control whom receives which documents.


Please note that when creating a new Organization/Customer these features are set as a default, simply de-select the option that person should not receive.



Companies not using Microsoft Outlook can make use of the SI Email module as you would have with Outlook. See Company > SI Emails


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