Pricing Options



How to control price changes on the invoice, quote and job card forms.


Change the price directly on the invoice, quote or job card.

To prevent this you can deselect Allow Price Changes in the Invoice options form, or this can be set using permissions for certain security groups. A maximum invoice discount as well as a default invoice discount can be set in the Invoice Options form.

You can exempt certain items from this restriction in the Stock Main Form, by selecting the Variable Price checkbox.

To block selling items below cost tick the Allow Sell Item Below Cost checkbox

Please note that if you want to prevent editing of the MU and GP in the invoice form then you can deselect Allow Price Changes or you can deselect Show Markup/profit/GP



Use Price levels

Right-click on the row and select, Select Price. Choose one of the prices as determined by the Price Levels in the stock main form

The price level can be controlled by giving each employee only the right to choose certain price levels.


Control via discounts on the customer form.

Set the discount percentage and line discount percentage in the Customer > Financial Info form.


Control via the stock groups.

Set the minimum and maximum percentage allowed per stock group in the Stock Items > Stock Groups form.


Set the 10 price levels, volume discount and special prices in the Stock Main Form > Cost and Selling tab.


See also Variable Price in the Main Stock Form > Additional Info Tab. Price editing on the invoice will be allowed for this item even if Allow Price Changes is not allowed on the Invoice Options Form. This is a handy feature if you want to change your labour rate on the invoice but not the rest of the items prices.



See also Discount Rules, Rounding, Bulk Price Changes as well as Recalculate Prices For Stock Group.