PrestaShop Setup

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Steps 1 to 8 will be done by us and is specific to Webfaction. (If your domain is not with Webfaction the steps will be different)


Step 1

Go to:





Go to: Domains/Websites (see image above)

Add a sub domain. e.g. domain = add a sub domain e.g.  (the url will be If you also want then you must add it under domains as a sub domain ...  and in step 3, choose it by Ctrl+click in sub domains


Step 2

Go to Applications

Add Application. -- Application Category = Static and App. Type = Static/CGI/PHP

E.g. shop_cyberbitcoza   (No . allowed)


Step 3

Add Website

Name = shop_cyberbitcoza

Sub Domain = shop_cyberbitcoza   (select it from list)

Site Apps: Add New; select app = shop_cyberbitcoza   ; url path = /


Step 4

Databases > Create New Database > Name = smartit_cyb (this is the database name) ; Remember write down the generated password:


Step 5

Databases > MySqlPHPmyadmin interface

Login Detail. The username is the database name e.g smartit_cyb (see step 4)

                    Password = The password that was generated in step 4.


Left click on smartit_cyb (The database on the left hand side of the screen)

Now click on import and browse for the sql.txt file in the siconnect folder (under public documents on the smart-it server)


Step 6

Upload Presta shop with Filezilla to webapps/shop_cyberbitcoza (smae name as in step 2)


Prestashop files under My documents/public documents/prestashop. Highlight all files and upload.


Step 7

Go to and follow the steps on screen.


Fill in the database info. See step 4 for the database name and password.

           7.1 Check configure SMTP manually

                 SMTP server =

                 username =  ******

                 password =  ******


Step 8

Go to Filezilla and rename the admin folder to admin_s and delete the install folder.




Webshop (PrestaShop)


Please note that the

Prestashop Name corresponds to the SI+ Description (Description 1) on the Main Stock Form and

Prestashop Short description = SI+ Long description on the Main Stock Form and

Prestashop Description = SI+ Memo on the Main Stock Form.


Step 1

Log into the PrestaShop backend, example http://www.YourShopUrl/admin_s.

Setup all your different parameters like courier costs, disclaimers, email addresses etc.


Step 2

Export your stock items from SI+ to your webshop by going to Company>PrestaShop