Statements and Allocations

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Customer statements summarize all transactions for a customer and are printable or mailable.

Go to Customer > Statements & Allocations

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Print/Email ...Statement TypeStatement DateStatementAutomatically AllocateAllocationsSelect VisibleClear FilterEdit FilterSearch RowRow SelectorOpen CustomerCustomer_Statements_Allocations



Statement Field Descriptions


Select between the 3 options.

Statement Date

All entries after this date will be ignored.

Start From

If you want to start printing from a specific customer.

Statement Type

Select the Statement Type. Customer default is as specified in the customer form. Use Open Item or Balance Brought Forward if you want to override the default.

Print / E-mail if total...

Statements will only print if the amount owed is greater than the amount specified here.

Print/E-mail Negative Amounts

Check if you want to send statements where you owe the client money.

Print/E-mail if became 0 ..

Check if you want to send statements that was zeroed this month.


Show customers that must be allocated

Customers where payments still have to be allocated to invoices

Automatically allocate accounts.

Payments will automatically be allocated against the oldest invoices.

Print Selected

To print the statements.

E-mail Selected

To e-mail the statements.


See also Customers > Enquiries & Allocations