Customer Financial Info

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Go to Customer Form > Financial Info tab

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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Financial Info


Terms, Prices and Discounts

Payment Terms

Payment terms define the amount of time you allow the buyer to pay for the goods.

These terms are based on financial month's. Select the arrow to the right of the text box to see the terms already defined, or select the   button to the right of the arrow to define a new one.

Example, say the payment terms is 30 days then if the current month is July then payment is only due by the end of August. However if you only want to give the customer 30 days from invoice then you can use the Payment Due Date option. The Payment Due date is displayed in the invoice lookup form

Service Contract:

E.g. maintenance plans, on site help etc. The Service Contract details will show on the Job Cards.

Select the arrow to the right of the text box to see the terms already added, or select on the   button to the right of the arrow to add new ones. You can also add a discount amount to be deducted per item for a specific stock group.

Discount Rate

Discount the client will get automatically when purchasing. The discount will be displayed on the invoice payment tab.

If you type the discount rate in as a negative percentage then this percentage will be added to the invoice, for e.g. the client must pay a surcharge for e.g. fuel.

Discount per Stock Group

You can set the discount % per customer per stock group.

See also Sock Items > Stock Groups.

Line Discount %:

The discount % will be shown for each invoice line.

Price Level

In the chapter on inventory, we looked at the 10 different prices SI+ has. If you don't select a price level then price level 10, the highest price, will be used as default.

If you for e.g. you choose 5, the client will be charged Price 5, as shown in the Inventory Main form.


Auto Reconcile

If a client pays his account then SI+ will automatically allocate the payment against the oldest invoices. The best method is to do the allocations manually. See Customer Enquiries

Automatically Email Invoice

Select if you want to email the client after the invoice has been made.

Paid By

If the account is Paid By, for example a head office, select the customer's (head office) whom is responsible for paying the account. If you create an invoice for this customer then the invoice will be linked to the 'Head Office'. The reference will display the customer's code for which the invoice was created. If you retrieve the invoice then the original customers' detail will be displayed.



See Branch


Statements, Invoices, Job cards, Quotations will be printed in the selected language.

See also Settings: Language

Dealer  / Agent

If this customer was gained through a certain dealer (agent) select the dealer. All dealers must be added as a Supplier, go to Supplier > Add Supplier


If a dealer is specified and you create an invoice for the customer then the invoice will be linked to this dealer. To see a list of invoices belonging to a certain dealer, go to the Invoice Lookup form and filter for the specific dealer's invoices you want to see by typing the dealers name in the blue filter line, in the column with the heading Dealer . There is also a Dealers Column in the Stock Turnover form.



See Inventory > Warehousing

Branch Header to use

Each customer can belongs to a different branch. The branch information is displayed on invoices, statements, job cards and quotations.

This means that the heading (letterhead or image) can be different for each client. E.g. the Harji Motor Group owns the Kia and Chev agencies. They have only one workshop but wants to print Hyundai as heading on the Hyundai clients job cards and Kia on the Kia clients job cards. See also Company > Add or Edit Branches

Statement Type

You set which method to use per customer.

Open Item

In order for this method to work, whenever you process a payment from the customer, you have to indicate which invoices have been paid. In other words, you have to match payments to invoices. SI+, however, gives you the option to automatically match all payments from the oldest invoices down. This can be set individually for each customer. Check the Auto Reconcile checkbox.


When printing a statement for an Open Item account, any outstanding transactions from the previous period will be individually displayed. Transactions which are allocated in the current period will also appear on the statement.

Balance Brought Forward

This method requires no matching of payments to invoices.

When printing a statement for a Balance Brought Forward account, any outstanding transactions from the previous period will be displayed as one consolidated brought forward transaction (amount).



Discount Rules

Customer Main Form:

Discount Rate sets the discount on total on invoice.

Line discount and Volume discount is always checked and blocked against Stock Group Maximum Line Discount.

Line discount order of use, first one to match is used.

Special Active = No line discount will be given. (Inventory form)

Volume Discount (Price level will be ignored) (Inventory form)

Customer Line Discount (Discount will be given even if the client have a different Price Level) (Customer form)

Stock Group Automatic Maximum Discount (Inventory Options form)

Customer Discount per Stock Group (Customer form)



To list all clients with debit orders, go to Customer > Extra > Debit Order Lookup

To search for a specific bank account number, go to Customer > Extra > Debit Order Lookup


Prices and discounts will be changed on Customer change if Invoice Option "Reset Prices If Change Customer" is selected [default:yes]