Customer Payment / Receipt

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To record a payment received for an unpaid invoice or to record a customer deposit.

Go to Customer > Receive Payment

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

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Payment Fields

Field Descriptions

Reverse a Payment

To Reverse a Payment, enter the amount as a negative amount.


Fill in the tendered amount.

Cash Payments

Select between: Cheque Amount, Credit Card Amount, Debit Card Amount, Cash Amount, Other Cards

This will affect your Cash Up

Direct Bank / EFT

Select if the client paid directly into your bank.

Bank Account

Select in which bank he paid the money.

Total Amount

This must add up to the Tendered Amount.

Tendered - Total

Amount to be declared.

Settlement Discount

Enter as amount or percentage.


Note 1

The following needs to be set up within Smart IT Accounting Software.

A). Go to Ledger > Account Set Up. Create a new Main Account - Discount to Debtors, the account type will be Income Sales and VAT will be Output Tax Standard Rate.

B). Go to Ledger > Account Options and select the Account Defaults tab.  At the Customer Discount drop down select the account you created in step one.

Note 2

You can also do a payment & discount via Customer > Customer Journals (used when a customer pays via EFT etc.)

Total + Discount

This amount will be deducted from the customer's account.

Transaction Date.

If it was a Direct Bank Payment, make sure the date is the same as on the bank statement.

Till No.

The Cash Up of this Till will be affected.

Auto Reconcile Customer

Select if you want to automatically allocate this payment against the oldest invoices.

You can set the default for each customer in the Customer Form > Financial Info tab.

Auto Print Report

Automatically print the receipt.

Set the default inCustomer > Options, Printing tab

Invoice Number

If applicable, type in the invoice no. This payment will be allocated to this invoice.

Sales Order No.

If the payment is made as a deposit on a Sales Order, fill in the Sales Order No. The Deposit Paid checkbox will automatically be checked on the Sales Order form.

Job No.

If the payment is made as a deposit on a Job, fill in the Job Card No. The Deposit Paid checkbox will automatically be checked on the Job Card form.

Print Preview Previous

Will show the previous receipt.

Receipt Lookup

Will open the Customer Detail and show all Customer Payments (Filter for CP  in the module column)


Example of a customer that pays more than he owes and wants change.

Customer offers $500 but he owes only $400 and wants change to the amount of $100 (500-400).

Type in $500 in the Credit card field and minus $-100 in the Cash Amount field and 400 in the Tendered field.


The journal entries will be Debit Cash Control and Credit Debtor Control, except for Direct Bank/EFT where it will post to your Bank. To change the default accounts go to General Ledger > Options & Account Defaults.


See also:

To allocate a payment against an invoice. Go to Customer > Statements.

Alternatively you can use Customer Journals to do direct bank payments. Go to Customer > Customer Journals

To switch between printers and paper type. Go to Customer >| Customer Options

To customise the receipt layout. Go to Customer > Customer Options.