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Use this form to send bulk email or SMS to your customers, e.g. newsletters etc. Also includes a Birthday field, by which you can send multiple birthday wishes to various customers either by using an HTML greeting or sms or email.


Go to Customer > Contacts & Bulk Email / SMS

Step 1

Filter the form for all clients you want to Email or SMS. Use the search row.

Step 2

Select the clients you want to SMS or Email.

You can also use the Select/Tick All Visible [F8]  button.

Step 3

Click the Email Button [F10] to send the email.

Step 4

Click on the SMS Button [F11]. See image below and fill in the fields as shown.

Hover the mouse over the different fields on the form. If the cursor changes to a hand (Hand_Cursor) , click to get more information.

Lead RatingObjectionsLock_32Allow Email Etc.Lead StatusLanguageRep ActivePrintExportSelect VisibleEdit FilterGrid ReportsSend Promotional VoucherSearch RowCheckboxCheckboxClearRefreshCustomer_Bulk_Email

Click here to get help on reports, exporting data etc.


SubstitutionsSMS is RecordedSecurity Options AvailableSMS Settings
BUlk SMS Form

Bulk SMS Form


Use the Cell Number field if you want to send an SMS to a cell phone that's not listed under customers.


You can use the substitutions {name} and {custcode} in the body of your SMS message. {name} will be replaced with the customer's name and {custcode} will be replaced with the  customer code.

You can store text messages that you want to use by using the graphic button.

This form is also available from Customer > Extra > SMS


Note: you can automatically record email and SMS messages. Select Email button (image below) then the Record Email In Customer Conversations checkbox.

Customer Bulk email/sms


By selecting birthdays today, you can select which clients you would want to send a birthday wish to (a template can be created for this)


Bulk bd


Send Promotional Vouchers.


1.0 Fill in the amount and expiry date of the voucher.

2.0 Select the customers to whom you want to send the vouchers.

3.0 Click on the Send Promo Voucher by SMS button. (Click to select an SMS Provider)

4.0 The SMS form will now open and you can send a message such as:


 Please find voucher no {voucherno} value {voucheramt} Spend before {voucherexp}.Please bring number with.

 Each selected customer will now receive a SMS with his promotional voucher number.

5.0 A voucher number will now be generated and will appear under the Voucher Lookup. It will be marked as, Is Promotional.

4.0 This voucher no. can be given to a customer that can use it to buy goods with.


See also Application > Email