Loyalty & Gift Cards

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Loyalty cards are issued by a retailer to its customers as part of an incentive scheme, whereby credits are accumulated for future discounts every time a transaction is recorded.


Go to Customer Main Form > Select the Loyalty tab.

Conversation TabClassification TabExtraGreen PlusCustom TabEquipment TabFinancial Info TabGeneral TabContacts TabCustomer_Loyalty_Card



Add all your loyalty cards by clicking on the Plus Button graphic , next to Loyalty Card. To add a card go to Customer > Extra Loyalty Types.

graphic (Click the X to remove the card.)



Field Descriptions

Loyalty Card Number

A Loyalty Card Number will be generated automatically. This number can be changed to suit your needs. This number will be printed on the loyalty card and will be used on the invoice form when the client redeems his points.

Loyalty Card Points

is the number of points that the client has earned thus far. Points are automatically generated when the client does a purchase.

Show Transactions

This will display a detailed list of all the loyalty transactions.

Add Loyalty Points

If you want to add loyalty points per hand (as a gift).

Set Loyalty Points

Click this button if you want to change the number of points earned so far.

Loyalty Card Expiry

Set the date when the loyalty points must expire.

Card Printer

Select the printer with which the cards will be printed.




To add the different loyalty card types, see Customer > Extra > Loyalty Types

Swipe the loyalty card in the Invoice Form by pressing F11 or clicking on the graphic button. See image below.


Where can I see the loyalty points earned?

1.0 For a detailed list of transactions click on the Show Transactions Button

2.0 You can see a list of points earned on the Customer > Extended Lookup. Look for the LC Name and LC Points columns. See image below.




3.0 You can also go to Customer > Extra > Loyalty > Loyalty Card Detail




To keep track of the amount of Loyalty Points Redeemed, add a general ledger account with name, for e.g. Loyalty Points Redeemed.


The loyalty account is usually an expense account. This account will be debited when you pay an invoice with Loyalty Points. The default VAT for this account must be Input Tax. You are in effect giving the customer discount.


The transaction will look as follows:


Sale amount R100 (exclusive) and redeemed 50 Points (R)



Sales Account



Output Vat @ 14%





Loyalty Points Redeemed



Input VAT



Cash Control




or put in other words


Sale exclusive    100.00

VAT @14%          14.00

Total                    114.00

Less discount       50.00 (50 points redeemed)

Due by customer  64.00 (Vat Inclusive)


Thus, the VAT which must be paid over will = 64 * 14/114 = 7.86 This is the same as above 14.00 - 6.14 = 7.86


See also Invoice > Gift Cards