Tax Invoice

The Invoice module have been designed for fast and easy invoicing for all types of retail stores. Our Point of Sale system is easy to use with numerous keyboard shortcuts for fast entry. The POS software supports bar code readers/scanners for faster checkout and inventory control. It is also able to operate on touch screen terminals.

Features of the Tax Invoice & POS module:

  • Over the counter sales
  • Touch screen option
  • Advance filtering and searching functions for invoices and credit notes
  • Do a credit note straight from an invoice
  • Easy tax invoice corrections / changes
  • Create an tax invoice based on previous tax invoices
  • Export invoices in various formats

  • Various reports to choose from, or create your own report
  • Cash up function
  • Create and manage gift cards
  • Set up recurring tax invoices
  • Lost Sale register
  • Sales Overview
  • See analysis and charts of all tax invoices

For a deeper overview consult our help on invoice.

Screenshots of the Tax Invoice & POS module: