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  Module Price (Excluding VAT)
Base 2000
Invoice included in base
Credit Note included in base
Tax Report included in base
Customers included in base
Suppliers included in base
Stock included in base
General Ledger included in base
Employee + Payslips included in base
Dashboard 500
Recurring Invoices 3000
Gift Cards 3000
EFT Export 500
Budget 500
CRM 1000
Customer Loyalty 3000
Customer Equipment 1000
Bill of Material 1000
Stock Warehousing 2500
Serial Number Tracking 1500
Purchase Orders 1000
Lot Tracking 2500
Stock Labels 500
Workshop / Job Card 2000
Quote 1000
Sales Order 1500
Project 1000
Calendar / Booking 1500
siLink 2000
Multiple Branches 1000
Multiple Currency 1000
Bank Manager 1000
Prestashop 4000
Shopify 2000
Woocommerce 2000
Time Clocking 2000
Once Off
Plus Monthly Fee

All prices exclude VAT


Additional Company: R1700 once off + monthly fee equal to one monthly per computer fee
Add a computer later: R1700 once off + normal monthly per computer fee

Hybrid Cloud (more info)

Per Location Monthly: R500
Activation Cost Once Off: R5000


Training: R450 per hour
Travel: R4.50 per kilometer
Data Import: R475 per hour


Prestashop Web Shop Setup – new site on SI web hosting: R1500 once
Prestashop Web Shop Setup – new site on external web hosting: R3500 once
Prestashop Web Shop Setup – existing prestashop: R750 per hour
Prestashop Web Shop Monthly With Hosting: R285
Prestashop Web Shop Monthly Without Hosting: R199
Email Address: R50 / address / pm

Shopify Module: R100 per month
Woocommerce Module: R100 per month

Banking Details

Acc Name: SI Software Solutions
Bank: ABSA
Account Number: 4084116108
Account Type: Cheque account
Branch Code: 632005


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We accept payments via bitcoin