Recurring invoices

Our recurring invoice module makes it easy to send repeated invoices at regular intervals. Really handy for rentals, service contracts and monthly payments.

Advantages: increase cash flow by having a steady flow of income; collecting recurring revenue by method of debit orders ensure prompt payment, automated invoicing prevents forgetting.

Ideal for:

  • Rental companies (property,equipment)
  • Subscriptions (service contracts,services)
  • Retainers
  • Consultants

Save Time

No need to spend hours recreating the same invoices every month.

  • Easy excel bulk update of quantities if needed
  • EFT export to Excel for hand off to payroll or to xlsx file for Netcash
  • Excel export
  • Monthly and weekly intervals with customizable frequency: eg every 6 months
  • Begin and end dates
  • Automatic increase every X months with percentage
  • Bulk change order numbers, increases, next pay date, etc.
  • Email or SMS your recurring invoice customers
  • See all invoices created by a recurring invoice
  • Remove recurring without affecting existing invoices
  • Automatic receipts and reconcilliation for debit orders

For a deeper overview consult our help on recurring invoices.