The dashboard is a great tool to view the health of your business. The dashboard gives an overview of all of the key areas that need to be monitored daily. Sales achieved/comparisons, cash flow, stock holding, debtors, creditors, Budgets and a financial rating on one screen. 

Features of the Dashboard:

  • Sales pipeline summary on the dashboard
  • Current to previous month sales comparison
  • A rolling 7 month cash flow overview
  • Comparison between actual stock value at average cost vs GL stock value
  • Analysis on stock units sold
  • Average selling price increase or decrease

  • Rolling 12 month balance sheet review showing assets
  • Rolling 12 month income statement review showing GP
  • Debtors & creditors age analysis snapshot
  • Customer follow up monitoring by employee
  • Sales Budget overview

For a deeper overview consult our help on dashboard.

Screenshots of the Dashboard:

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