Sales Orders


Sales Orders

The sales orders created directly from the quotation assist users with efficient sales order processing. Order fulfillment using the ‘Allocate stock’ facility is an accurate, flexible and quick way to allocate limited stock amongst many orders. Order placed on the web shop will automatically be created as a Sales Order in Smart It.

Features of the Sales Order module:

  • Create a purchase order directly from your sales orders
  • Auto allocate stock to purchase orders (Auto allocate where enough stock or select to auto allocate to older orders first)
  • Review all stock allocations
  • Deposit paid management
  • Packing & Unpacking of Sales orders as a security management

  • Attached images or documents to Sales Orders
  • Bulk emailing of Sales Orders
  • Print picking slips
  • Transfer Sales Orders to Invoices
  • Create a freehand description on sales order printout

For a deeper overview consult our help on sales orders.

Screenshots of the Sales Order