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Smart It Accounting Software is specially made for growing companies wishing to save time & money. Take control of your Stock, Debtors, Creditors, Workshops, Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Goods Receive notes, HR and Point of Sale. Always included is our state of the art fully integrated accounting software module.

We have an excellent understanding of accounting and business principles from years of retail experience, giving us the insight to streamline the workings of the system. We provide you with the tools and information to make informed decisions to help your business thrive. To find out more about the exciting features that Smart It Accounting Software has to offer click here.

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Smart It will help you cut costs by saving time, reducing headcount and assisting with efficient purchasing through supplier comparison and statistical order suggestions.


Smart It offers great value at an affordable price.

Easy To Switch

Transfer data from your current accounting program to Smart It using our many excel imports. We also have a Pastel Partner import module.

Always Improving

Smart It is always evolving and changing to meet needs of our customers. There are monthly program updates; never use stale old software again. Suggestions to improve the software are always welcome.

Some users of Smart It


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Since installing Smart It Accounting & Management Software in September of 2008 our life here at BluePoint Africa and way of conducting business has changed dramatically. Everything is now easier and more accurate. Smart It Accounting & Management Software has offered us an end-to-end solution and we now spend the time where it matters most - with our clients. The Smart It staff are always helpful and most importantly available. Logging a request with Smart It is a pleasure from the time that the request was logged until the solution is available they put us at ease with their friendly and efficient help and feedback. I have and would recommend Smart It to my clients and anyone other business.
Bluepoint Africa
We are proud to say we were with Smart It from very early on in their history. Smart It is never too busy to listen and to make changes to the programme in order to improve the ease of use even further. We can recommend this programme to any business.
Die Motormark
For years we (Midas - De Aar) have struggled with stock taking but with Smart It this year was a breeze. We would recommend the programme to any business, big or small. We are currently four businesses within the one sharing the programme – and we are all 100% satisfied.
We at Hyundai Upington feel that Smart It Accounting & Management Software is a very user friendly programme that provides in the needs of various areas within the business. We would recommend it to any business seeing that the after sales service from Smart It is excellent and the programme is very cost effective.
The management of our business ( VOX Cape ) has been dramatically improved after we started making use of Smart It. The growth of our business is directly linked to the greater efficiency and better communication with our clients as well as the savings on costings.
VOX Cape
Even though the Smart It Accounting & Management Software head office is no longer based in Upington the Smart It team has always made the effort to assist us (Total Prestige) To us Smart It is a user friendly accounting system. The adaptations that can be made to the programme as per the client’s needs is definitely a great selling point.
Total Prestige
The transition from our previous programme to Smart It Accounting & Management Software was ( Repra )our greatest concern; however the transition was done so professionally that there were no disruptions what so ever. The Smart It programme is also very user friendly and offers all the functions we need. Functions that are worth mentioning are their credit reconciliation, this we have never encountered with other programmes. The bank reconciliation and their purchasing modules are also impressive. The programme has assisted us in saving time and thus money, currently we are saving approximately 40% and in some areas even more. Their service, availability of personnel and knowledge of practical management is far beyond our expectations. Their willingness to listen to our needs and the speed at which changes were made is also worth mentioning. Thus we freely recommend the Smart It programme to any medium enterprise business.
Smart It is not an accounting system – it’s a complete management system!
JCG Watertreatment
Tile en Décor - Somerset West have been making use of Smart It Accounting & Management Software for the last four years and besides the economical saving the programme offers us all the functions we need. Furthermore any after sales services is just a phone call away. We were a little doubtful about the offer made to adapt the programme should we see that there are any functions we need that are offered; however Smart It Accounting & Management Software quickly proved us wrong.
Tile en Décor - Somerset Wes